"Fabulous Menopause" is a movement dedicated to breaking free from the allure of quick fixes.

We often come across thousands of products online that claim to solve all your problems in just 7 or 15 days and rely on fabricated reviews to prey on your insecurities until you decide to give them a try.

This movement represents a collaborative effort to help you embrace this natural transitional phase with grace and vitality. It does so by promoting a holistic approach that has a lasting impact on your lifestyle.

Developed by a practicing health coach, the Fabulous Menopause Kit is designed to make the guided approach of personal coaching accessible to everyone.

The Philosphy

We must not forget that MENOPAUSE is a natural transitional phase and we should always strive to support this natural transformational phase with a little extra effort everyday using a holistich health approach rather than panicking and taking unecessary supplements on the pretext of false promises of quick fixes.

We are Pro-menopause, not Anti