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Fabulous Menopause Holistic Health Kit
128 reviews

This Kit Contains:

  • 1 bottle of Her Second Spring Supplement (Per Bottle: 60 Capsules | 30 Days Supply)
  • 1 book titled "Nutrition During Menopause" (24 pages)
  • 1 book titled "Fabulous Menopause Cookbook" (82 pages)
  • 1 Fabulous Menopause Habit Tracker (A5 size)

    Exclusive Access:

  • QR Code inside packaging grants access to: Menopause-specific exercise routines | Fabulous Menopause Weekly Newsletter

    Shipping Information:
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"Going through perimenopause, I initially tried various online supplements, but I soon realized the one-magic-pill belief was naive. So, I embraced Tara's holistic approach, and it's been a game-changer. Her kit acts as a personal coach, guiding you through nutrition and exercise, and you'll notice the difference within a week. It just makes sense."

Experience The Magic of Holistic Health

Holistic Support

Comprehensive approach covering physical, nutritional, and emotional aspects of menopause rather than offering quick fixes

Trusted Expertise

Developed by a certified health coach with firsthand experience in menopause management.

Personalized Solutions

Tailored supplements, nutrition guidance, and exercises addressing specific menopausal needs.

Empowerment through Education

Valuable knowledge and resources to make informed health decisions.

How to Use
the Fabulous Menopause Kit

Step 1

As soon as you receive the kit, open it and scan the QR code on the front. This will take you to a page with more relevant information.

Step 2

Find the habit tracker inside the kit. You will see some pre-written habits there. You can now start doing them.

Step 3

Stick to doing everything listed on the habit tracker, from taking the supplement to doing the menopause-specific exercises, and everything in between.

Need help?

We're available 24/7 via email. Email us at, and we'll get back to you in no time.

Why Only a Holisitic Approach
is the Ultimate Solution...

In our quest for relief during this transition, studies reveal that women, on average, have tried 3.7 different supplements.

It is high time to realize that true solutions go beyond mere supplementation. To truly thrive, we must embrace the four key elements of our lives: EAT. SLEEP. MOVE. LOVE. By incorporating tools that encompass these dimensions, we can find the happiness and fulfillment we seek during this phase.

Honourable Mentions and Featured in

How this compares to what is normal? 

New and Revolutionary
Fabulous Menopause Kit 

  • Made for women by women :- Created with women-centered expertise and Community Feedback

  • The world's first HOLISTIC approach program, addressing various aspects of menopause

  • Treats your SYMPTOMS and the ROOT cause

  • Offers hormonal balance yoga and Pilates videos to support hormonal equilibrium

  • Provides meditation videos to promote relaxation and stress reduction during menopause

  • Offers a proprietary habit, symptoms and weight tracker to help you establish positive routines and track your progress

  • Provides Many yummy cooking recipes for healthy nutrition in menopause, supporting dietary diversity and well-being.

  • Offers a weekly newsletter with reliable menopause information to stay informed

  • Free from GMO, soy and corn - Does not include artificial sweeteners

Some Other One
Dimensional Products

  • Created by experts in their respective fields but lacks a holistic approach.
  • Focus primarily on supplement intake, and hoping that the magic pill would do its job.

  • Addresses symptoms, neglects root cause, and often yields no improvements.
  • Lacks any exercise routines targeting hormonal balance

  • Does not include any resources for relaxation and meditation to alleviate stress.

  • No way to track if the product is working for you or not. A supplement won't hold you accountable. The tracker does!

  • Doesn't offer recipes or nutritional advice, and it fails to mention healthy foods; instead, it promotes a single magic pill as a solution.

  • Does not provide weekly, valid information on health, beauty, fashion, tips & tricks about all menopause.

  • May contain GMO, soy and May contain artificial sweeteners

A Closer Look At
What's inside the kit:

  • The formulation of our supplement is the result of a synergistic combination of expert knowledge, my personal expertise as a health coach, and the invaluable insights shared by thousands of women in the Fabulous Menopause community. This collaborative approach has enabled us to create a product specifically designed to effectively address the unique challenges of menopause

  • Our dietary supplement combines carefully selected ingredients from Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western medicine traditions. With a holistic approach, it promotes daily function, harmony, and balance, while supporting strong bones and restful sleep.

Ultimate Menopause Tracker

Elevate your habits with our easy-to-use Habit Tracker tool – a beautifully designed Excel/Google Sheets spreadsheet template and a quick-start habit tracker included inside the kit, which will help you keep track of your journey.

  • Track your daily, weekly habits

  • Monitor your symptoms and weight

  • Accessible on laptop and phone, anytime, anywhere

Menopause Specific Exercise

Addressing the MOVE part of our holistic program we have created a video series that is specifically designed for women in perimenopause and


  • Receive login credentials to our user-friendly portal.

  • Engage in a variety of menopause-specific exercises, including hormone-balance, relaxation as well as strength/balance/flexibility


  • Our certified personal trainer will guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Collection of Recipes and Newsletter

As founder of Fabulous Menopause and as a certified health coach specializing in nutrition and gut health, I, Tara, am excited to provide you with a personalized experience tailored to your needs in perimenopause and menopause.

With your subscription, your will receive access to a collection of carefully curated RECIPES.

In my WEEKLY NEWSLETTER, I will delve into menopause-specific health issues, offering valuable insights and tips on beauty, fashion, sustainability, self-care, and more. This comprehensive coverage addresses the EAT and LOVE pillars of our holistic program, ensuring that you receive the support

you need to thrive during this remarkable journey.

The Science Behind The Ingredients
 In Her Second Spring

Noni Powder extract is said to improve joint health, increase physical endurance, increase immune activity, inhibit glycation of proteins, aid weight management, help maintain bone health in women, help maintain normal blood pressure, and improve gum health.

Vitamin B6 plays a vital role in our brain function and maintaining a healthy nervous system during perimenopause and menopause. It proved to be essential for energy production and potentially help balance sex hormones. 

In perimenopause and menopause, folate as folic acid can be especially important as it may support the production of red blood cells. It likely plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy brain and a sound nervous system.

During menopause, Vitamin B12 possibly becomes even more crucial as it may support the formation of red blood cells, aid in energy production, facilitate iron absorption, and help maintain a healthy nervous system, memory, and learning abilities.

Black cohosh may potentially alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and vaginal dryness during perimenopause and menopause. It has also been used to address other conditions, including menstrual cramps, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis

Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) can potentially reduce the frequency of hot flashes and night sweats during perimenopause and menopause.It may help improve vaginal dryness and regulate the menstrual cycle. 

Red clover may potentially reduce hot flashes and night sweats during perimenopause and menopause. It may help improve vaginal dryness, promote bone density, and support cardiovascular health. Additionally, red clover is believed to have potential benefits in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Chasteberry extract, or Vitex agnus-castus, may potentially help regulate hormone levels and alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and sleep disturbances during perimenopause and menopause. It offers potential benefits for women experiencing these symptoms in this life stage

Join thousands of women in this holistic approach

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Hailey S.

Simply the Best!

Hands down, this is the best product for menopause on the market! The supplement, nutrition guide, and recipes have made such a difference in my experience. The habit tracker keeps me focused on my goals. Thank you for providing such an effective solution!

Fabulousmenopause Fabulous Menopause Holistic Health Kit Review
Olivia A.

Must-have for Menopause!

Every woman going through menopause needs this kit! It's been a lifesaver for me. The supplement, nutrition guide, and recipes have made such a difference in my experience. The habit tracker keeps me accountable and motivated. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive solution!

Fabulousmenopause Fabulous Menopause Holistic Health Kit Review
Dylan M.

Fabulous Menopause - Journey Companion

Fabulous Menopause is my companion in this journey. The Menopause Tracker and dietary supplement make every day a bit brighter.

Fabulousmenopause Fabulous Menopause Holistic Health Kit Review
Hailey S.

Incredible Product!

I can't say enough good things about this health kit. It's truly incredible! The supplement, nutrition guide, and recipes have transformed my menopause experience. The habit tracker keeps me on track with my goals. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive solution for menopause!

Fabulousmenopause Fabulous Menopause Holistic Health Kit Review
Dylan B.

Menopause Magic in a Kit

This kit is pure magic! The Menopause Tracker keeps me organized, and the dietary supplement feels like a magic elixir for my well-being.

Fabulousmenopause Fabulous Menopause Holistic Health Kit Review

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Fabulous Menopause Holistic Kit?

The Fabulous Menopause Holistic Kit includes the Her Second Spring Supplement, Ultimate Menopause Tracker, Menopause Specific Follow Along Workout Video Series, Weekly Recipes, E-Book "Nutrition in Menopause", and access to the Fabulous Menopause Newsletter.

How can the Her Second Spring Supplement benefit me during menopause?

The Her Second Spring Supplement is designed to provide benefits during menopause, including support for hormone balance, sustained vitality, brain function, and overall well-being

How does the Ultimate Menopause Tracker help with managing symptoms and tracking progress?

Our comprehensive tool allows you to establish healthy daily / weekly habits in nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and sleep hygiene. It empowers you to track menopause symptoms and monitor weight. Pre-established habits are included, while you can also customize with your specific habits

Are the Menopause Specific Workout Video Series suitable for all fitness levels?

The Menopause Specific Workout Video Series is suitable for all fitness levels, providing expert-led exercises tailored to support women during menopause.

How often will I receive the cooking recipes, and what kind of recipes can I expect?

You will receive access to a collection of recipes offering delicious and nutritious meal ideas designed to support hormonal balance and overall health.

What topics are covered in the Fabulous Menopause Newsletter, and how often will I receive it?

With over 50,000 members The Fabulous Menopause Newsletter is the best weekly newsletter out there. It covers everything that is relevant to us, from nutrition, fashion, health, to books, and more, tailored specifically for women in perimenopause and menopause.

Can I access the digital products (Ultimate Menopause Tracker, Workout Video Series, Newsletter, Recipes and The Ebook) immediately after purchase?

Yes, you can access the digital products (Ultimate Menopause Tracker, Workout Video Series, Newsletter) immediately after purchase, allowing you to start your journey towards holistic menopause support right away.

Are there any side effects?

Our 100% Natural supplement have been designed by experts. In very rare cases, some people experience adverse reactions. Please, always consult with your doctor if you experience any adverse effects or allergic reaction.

How do I use the Ultimate Menopause Tracker effectively to build habits, track symptoms, and monitor weight?

By consistently following the provided challenges and updating your progress daily, you can observe the correlation between habits, weight, and symptoms, empowering you to monitor and manage your menopause experience.

Is there a money-back guarantee or return policy for the Fabulous Menopause Holistic Kit?

Yes, we offer a 90 day no questions asked money-back guarantee or return policy for the Fabulous Menopause Holistic Kit. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you follow the kit and are not 100% satisfied with this approach and your purchase, then reach out to us, and we'll make sure to issue you a full refund with no questions asked.

We pledge to provide you with the highest levels of value, quality, and personal service available, so your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

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